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World Bank: Delivering Change

The Community-Driven Development (CDD) Unit of the World Bank operates global programs that effectively respond to the urgent needs of low to middle-income countries and support micro-enterprises. Visually powerful presentations are an important tool for the CDC to get broad community support with the necessary stakeholders.

Our Partnership
The World Bank’s Community Driven Development (CDD) Unit partnered with Base Three to develop customizable presentations that would effectively communicate their critical mission; namely, poverty reduction and sustainable development.

We approached this exciting project with the understanding that each keynote presentation is an opportunity to craft a visual story that resonates with key stakeholders and potential clients. Base Three developed distinct data visualization tools like graphics and icons that the CDD team could easily incorporate into their presentations as they evolved or changed over time. Delivering change often starts with a powerful story, told visually. Base Three helped the CDD deliver, one presentation at a time.
Our Input
Content Writing
Presentation Design
Infographic Design
Presentation Animation