What Time Is It There?

“Where are you?” is the most common greeting from our global team. We pride ourselves on being responsive to our clients and able to juggle our work and life no matter where we might be. For Dania this meant tiptoeing out of the Tokyo hotel room she was sharing with her daughter to find a quiet place for a call that was scheduled for 4:00 a.m. It is not surprising that there were many quiet places to choose from at that hour. Yet, somehow, she found the ice room to be the perfect spot! Our team has adapted to the challenge of being a global and mobile company.

While figuring out the best time for a conference call can be challenging when juggling multiple time zones around the world, we have found that there are often distinct advantages: Namely, someone is always working and moving a project forward.

When the first time zone calls it a night, sleep comes quickly knowing morning coffee is being brewed somewhere, many time zones away, and the work is carrying on. We love what we do, we enjoy our team and we appreciate how flexible and nimble our work process can be. Here’s to the places we will go that help us remain creative and energized. And the quiet ice rooms we find along the way.

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