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MIGA: on Task

The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) is an international financial institution which offers political risk insurance and credit enhancement guarantees. These guarantees help investors protect foreign direct investments against political and non-commercial risks in developing countries.

Our Partnership
The MIGA leadership reached out to us to create a development report that that wasn’t visually anchored by developing country photography. They had extensive data about the impact of MIGA projects globally and wanted to create a piece that helped that data shine.

Our research showed that a shorter more visually communicative report would have a stronger and more positive impact on the audience. We replaced words with numbers and graphics allowing the data to tell the story and highlight MIGA’s vast accomplishments.

The result was a visually engaging report that communicated the intended messages quickly and effectively. The audience did not have to dig for the information.
Our Expertise
Research and Analysis
Report Design
Report Typesetting
Infographics Design
Data Visualization